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We had question about Messi vs Ronaldo… But after today’s Champions League Match Real Madrid vs Barcelona everything is simple… Lionel Messi is the King of Football. He can play too simple and make such tricks that nobody can stop him. His skills is just brilliant and amazing. Watching of this man’s playing style is nice and beautiful.

It was too dramatic match.. There were many cards, as yellows as reds and this damaged everything, but nobody can say bad word against Messi. He deserves this title and this cheers. Argentinian made double and thats all… He made last word in the question whose best…

So king is dead, Long live the King!!!

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Messi -The Maestro

Messi -The Maestro

Two Big teams were forcing each other on Santiago Bernabeu, yesterday. It was real war with best fighters. Too dramatic match and two goal was amazing end for such kind of game. Everybody tried their best. I cant say that Real Madrid didn’t deserve point.. They played with ten men, after suspend of Albiol… (Raul Albiol played very tough against Villa, so he was kicked out). Our Hero’s strike was enough to made Barca leader,but Real made surprise and score… So Messi’s goal was not enough to win, but Barca made one point on guest, and thats not bad job… I added Messi Penalty kick video in Read More, So watch it… (more…)

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