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Barcelona played against Sevilla on saturday night on Camp nou and the final score was 0-0. But on the dying minutes World star Lionel Messi had a great chance to get 3 points for Barca, instead of one…
The referee gave Barcelona  a penalty kick during the added time of the second half and of course Messi was the one to shoot it. But unfortunately for his and for Barcelona fans, his spot-kick was saved by the impressive Javi Varas, the keeper of Sevilla.
The whole match was very intensive and Barcelona was fighting for 3 point from the beggining till the end, so the missed penalty was very frustrating for them, especially for Messi, who looked far from happy as he left the pitch.
But the Argentine was given support by the home crowd, loudly shouting his name before the referee blew the final whistle. Guardiola also encouraged his player saying that Messi is fine, such a thing might happen to any player on the world and theres nothing to panic about.
Guardiola is right, because there is no great player who hasn’t missed the penalty. As it is saied – “every napoleon has his waterloo”…vDespite of this bad thing, Lionel Messi still stays at the top level and as we know, today there’s no greater player than him…

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Super day for Super Messi

Messi Against Bilbao Atletic

Messi Against Bilbao Atletic

This was amazing day for our superstar, Lionel Messi one more time saved Barcelona and scored final goal against Bilbao Atletic. Messi made super skills against Atletic. I think who watched yesterday match, everybody realized that Lionel is The best footballer of ever. He is just the unstoppable, and we hope that there will be great show on Camp Nou against Arsenal.

If you want to see Messi’s skills against Bilbao, Just enter in Read More and watch video clip. (more…)

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