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Barcelona's Lionel Mess, left, is congratulated by David Villa

Barcelona’s Lionel Mess, left, is congratulated by David Villa

It is start of the season and Leo Messi has already 12 goals in his pocket.

It is unbelievable start from high class player. Lionel scored also 2 goals against Spartak yesterday.

After bad start of match, where Russian side was winning 1-2, Argentinian player helped his team and got 3 points.

It was really dramatic and high class match, where both teams tried to get points. As Barca has the best player in the world, won that match and made happy their fans.

You can watch match highlights in Read more.


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Lionel Messi

Лионель месси

Один из лидеров “Барселоны” Лионель месси уже в родине и хочет провести рождество в Аргентине.-Говарит Испанский AS.

По мнений игрока  Аргентины 2010 лет оказалось тежелеие чем он представлял.

“2010  году я  правель много матчей,поэтаму  пачти не  смог отдахнуть.НО думаю что,для  меня  этот  год  аказалься  харошим если не  скажим  что выход  Аргентинской сборной  был  трагедии.” – Сказал Месси.

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Finger – Gift for Messi

There was accident in Grecce, Where local Panathinaikos played against Barcelona. And suddenly there was made big mistake and big stupid step from one of fan. He broke security walls and come across Lionel Messi. Yes we know that there are many fans whoe hate Messi, but it was just overcome… To show for nothing to human finger, it is not good choice and step…

So go Messi and show them that you are unstoppable .. Win another El Clasico

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