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Poker Scores a Goal

Jan Sorensen

Jan Sorensen

Interestingly enough, Manchester City once made a £30 million bid for Messi by mistake. This happened around 2009, when Sheik Mansour completed his £210 million takeover of the club, thus the rumored offer to Barcelona. It was apparently a miscommunication between both parties during a phone conversation, “…it’s all getting messy” somehow translated into “Let’s get Messi.” The offer was rejected, obviously. Bids and bets are part of the game, on and off the pitch, for players and fans of football. This just goes to show that football is a highly competitive sport. So it’s no surprise that there are professional football players who decided they wanted to play cards. This is when their careers as professional football players waned and waxed into a new career, turning them into full time poker pros. You can’t deny the adrenaline rush these football players get as they score a goal and it’s exactly the same as hitting the jackpot on the poker tables. Let’s take a look at some of the football players who ventured into the world of poker:

We all know former {Manchester United}, Tottenham and England striker Teddy Sheringham, and how he has made a successful career out of poker. He started playing poker during the latter years of his football career and became full time after retiring. He placed a very impressive 14th in the {World Series of Poker} Europe Main Event in 2009. After that, he kept cashing in on the good stuff, and was considered a force to be reckoned with. Teddy Sheringham has accumulated over $298,000 in tournaments. Those who’d like to try their hands at poker can start by playing at online casinos like []. Try your luck at thrilling casino games such as blackjack and roulette, slots, and many more. You’ll find all the information you need to start playing on the site, all you have to do is click on the get started link.

Meanwhile, the most successful football pro turned professional poker star story goes to Odense BK’s Jan Vang Sørensen. His phenomenal success as a poker superstar is the best among the other football players venturing into the world of poker. He won his first World Series of Poker bracelet in 2002 at WSOP’s $2,500 Limit Omaha Event acquiring $185,000 in cash prizes. Sørensen won his second WSOP bracelet during a $5,000 Limit Seven Card Stud Event. After joining many poker tournaments, he then won the 2008 Master Classics of Poker Main Event. To date he has won over $2 million from poker tournaments. Messi fans who are also into poker can grab the Lionel Messi playing cards poker set available online. Who knows you might be the next lucky football fan out there.

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Footballers & The Casino

Links between the worlds of football and gambling have been consistently made over the last few years, with many major personalities admitting that they have a taste for the casino. Some have even gone down the dark road of gambling addiction, and incurred the debts to prove it. Mike Ashley, for example, chairman of Newcastle United, is reported to have bet £480,000 in a single day at the Fifty London Casino, Mayfair.

The question is, of course, can his behaviour really be criticised? Footballers and other professional athletes can certainly afford to take certain risks with their money – they have enough of it! Ashley has been ranked in Britain’s 100 richest men, with a personal fortune once estimated at £1.9 billion. When he purchased Newcastle United, he did so for a whopping £135 million, a huge amount for the average Joe yet just a small setback in Ashley’s finances.

So what’s Mike Ashley’s story? What is it that draws him to the gambling world? Like many individuals involved in the world of professional football and other sports, he probably enjoys the adrenaline rush one gets from taking a big risk. He may also believe that luck is on his side – the number 17 is said to be lucky for Ashley, and he is often spotted wearing a Newcastle United shirt sporting that number. He also used the number 17 when playing roulette once, employing a strategy known as “complete” – where you place different amounts of money on every single number on the roulette wheel,  favouring one chosen number in particular. And what happened? Ashley eventually won!

If you think you’ve got your own roulette system give it a go at Then maybe you could end up with your own football club!

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Messi !!!!

Destroyed by Messi… After yesterday we have another candidate for this title.  First goal of Messi was out of fantastic and perfect sphere, it was just goal of century. You can see these goals in Read More.



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In 2014, in the UK, the football top player Joey Barton went head to head with the journalist Piers Morgan during the TV program BBC Question Time.

The debate around Joey Barton began from a couple of Twitter lines he had published some time before. From his lines it seemed that most followers didn’t understand the true meaning of his words.   

This fact made of him a fully misunderstood football player. And possibly the social medias contributed to build a viral image of him in this sense.

List of Joey Barton’s best lines

1. “I will gladly go to jail in the name of free speech”.

This sentence provoked political debates about democracy and concept of freedom in the UK.

2. “I actually despise the whole of that firm, mentally deficient, turn up at the opening of an envelope”.

This sentence opened a hard debate about the TV shows quality today, too much permeated by capitalism and egoism.

3. “England did nothing in that World Cup, so why were they bringing books out?”.

Joey Barton means to say that sport fans have full right to enjoy a decent football team.

Intellectualism in sport

The fact that Joey Barton’s words have been misunderstood shows not only the lack of comprehension by most football fans, but also the lack of education among the most paid football players.

Actually, what do people expect from a football player? Most fans expect to see a goof football performance and to hear a simple, plain and boring interview after that match. This is what most people expect because since many decades the average education level of most players is really low.

It’s obvious that football players who haven’t received a decent education can tell anything intellectual! This explains why Joey Barton is so misunderstood.

Sport: challenge and fun

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Inspirational themes

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Maradona and Kokoiti

Maradona and Kokoiti

I have found new web site about Maradona…There is many facts and videos about him. So Visit it.



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