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Messi Record

Messi Record

Yes, He did it. Leo Messi broke Gerrd Muller record and scored 86 goals.

Yesterday, injured Messi played the great first minutes against Betis and scored double goals. After this nobody doubts about the superiority of Leo Messi.

We are watching in live the Legend of all the football history, and this is the awesome fact.

Here, watch all the 86 goals scored by LEO MESSI

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Thiago Messi

Thiago Messi

Our Starlet Lionel Messi became father yesterday. Leo`s girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, gave birth to the baby boy, Thiago in Barcelona clinic.

Messi wrote on his facebook:

“Today I`m the happiest man in the world! My son was born, and this is happiest moment of my life. Thanks my family for support and help. Thank you God for this great gift!”

I love this boy and know that he can be play great football, as his father does.

I should tell you, that despite this great news, Leo will play against Celta on Saturday.

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Many had problems with Messi because of his National team carrier. Now he scores more and more goals. Each match with National Team`s shirt is great chance to score more goals for him.

It was very hard game for Argentina against Paraguay yesterday. Leo Messi helped once again his team and scored goal. Messi and Argentina won this game with 3-1 score.

You can see match highlights in Read more.

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Leo Messi

Leo Messi

Today is Leo Messi`s 25 Anniversary. So It is really big day for all football fans.

Happy Birthday Leo, You are Football King! You are really awesome player and we wish you to glory 2014 World Cup In Brazil.

Thats all for today!

If you want to see  25 most beautiful goals on Leo`s 25 Birthday, Check Read More: (more…)


Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

It was really drama – match between Argentina and Brazil National teams yesterday.

We saw 7 scored goals and 3 of them scored by Leo Messi. It was really Classic match, as these two teams always showed.

Great performance of Messi helped Argentina to achieve win in this game.

First goal was scored by Romeu from Brazil. Pentacampiones had good game and showed great performance. They scored 3 times and have lead the match 2 times, but Messi goals made the difference.

Brazil had really big problems with defending line. There were too many mistakes from defenders, so Messi used gaps in defence of Brazil and scored awesome goals.

It was the second defeat in this week for Brazil, They lost match some days ago against Mexico 0-2.

Argentina’s coach Alejandro Sabella paid tribute to Messi.

Please Go in Read More and watch the highlights of this match. (more…)

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Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola

Josep Guardiola

I don’t even know how to start. This one week has been very hard for every Cule in the world and yesterday was the culmination, because yesterday was the day when Guardiola left the club. Yesterday was the day, when “Guardiola’s Era” came to end.  Nobody believed or wanted to believe until the last second that Pep was leaving. Today I saw very sad faces of Barca fans, and personally I was feeling very bad for the whole day, like some close person to me had passed away.

I already mentioned that “Guardiola’s Era” has become to an end. Now, I’m sure every person who loves football knows that this means. It simply means – the best club in the whole history of football. Yes, it was Josep Guardiola who created the dream team, the best team of all. I remember when he replaced Frank Rijkaard in 2008, nobody believed in him. Everybody thought that he would fail but thank god we were mistaken. That year Guardiola started writing Barca’s history from a new, empty paper, when at the end of the season Pep’s team got Triplete, winning all 3 possible cups in a season. But it wasn’t enough for Pep, he had the motivation, the spirit to win everything possible, to eat the world. So he did… he won all 6 competitions that Barcelona was taking part in. That was amazing, no other coach has done it before! He won 2 Champions League trophies, 3 consecutive La Liga trophies and gave Barcelona a huge glory… But the main thing he gave Barcelona, was this new way of playing, new style, the whole new philosophy of football. With this new philosophy Barcelona truly became one of the best teams in the whole football history and that was the “fault” of Josep Guardiola, one of the best coaches in the world. He truly is a genius.

I also already said that I saw lots of sad faces of people who love Barcelona. I myself was brought down after I heard that decision. But was it just because of the trophies and the style of playing that Guardiola gave us? I don’t think so… There might be a new coach (doesn’t matter who) who can (theoretically) win more trophies than Guardiola, but I probably won’t feel so bad if that guy leaves. So what is it than, how could Pep manage to make us love him so much? First reason of course is his way of coaching, but then comes the other factors, people love him because of his character, they love him as a person, as a human being, as a friend, brother, he is just a part of Barcelona. He definitely is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) person in whole Barcelona history, as a player, as a coach and probably as a president too in future (at least I hope).

But he left… He left with his own decision. Why? Well, not everybody can understand it. But i’ll try to give you the explanation. He told the press that he got tired and left to have a rest. Then a question came in my mind, who doesn’t other coaches get tired of coaching, like Ferguson, Mourinho or many others… So this is a cover reason, there must be something more deeper. So I think it was because he felt that the next season wasn’t going to be a glorious one either, so he left. He didn’t leave the club because of his personal interests, but for the club’s interests. He loves Barcelona so much that he couldn’t take a risk to harm the club. Besides he didn’t have enough motivation like he did earlier. I remember him how emotional he was especially in the first season when he came, how he wanted to win, how big motivation and desire he had to win more and more. But this year’s Barca wasn’t like it was in earlier years. That’s why Guardiola said that he needs time to recharge, this means he needs more motivation.  Guardiola: “I could have continued but I wouldn’t have the enthusiasm this club deserves. I need to find again the hunger to eat the world.”

At the end, as a Cule, I want to thank Josep Guardiola, a great coach, a great person, for all he gave to Barca and to me. All those happy days since Pep came is now a memory, a great unforgettable memory which will live forever. Thank you Pep for all the joy you gave us!!!

And one more last thing… I am pretty sure, like 100% sure that Guardiola will return sometime! He said he needs to recharge, that he needs to find the hunger to eat the world again, so I hope when he does find it, he will return to Barcelona and give us another “Guardiola Era” or I’d call “The Great Come Back Era of Guardiola”… We’ll miss you Guardiola!

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Barcelona had La Liga game against Athetic Bilbao, and hosts won with 2-0 score.

The first goal was scored by hero of the match Andres Iniesta, and the second one scored by our hero, Leo Messi.

Messi made good battle with Javi Martinez. Leo Messi showed great performance and his penalty was too cool.

You can check the highlights of this matc in read more. (more…)

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