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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Messi made Fantastic comeback after some matches where Argentinian footballer couldn`t score any goals.

After last match against Sevilla, many made criticism wind on Messi`s head, that he had some problems and will not be any longer the best one.

But against Mallorca he made impact and scored 3 brilliant goals in the First Half. It was that Leo Messi, who we know. He was unstoppable and untouchable from Mallorca defenders.

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Messi and Barcelona Broke all records and Made impact win against Porto on Europe Super Cup Match. This was fantastic match, where only one team played football and this was Fc Barcelona.

Messi and his teammates ruined Porto and played as say wanted. Barca Deserved more goals, but last score was only 2:0. First goal was scored by Leo Messi, and second was just the perfect play of Argentinian. He made such effort with his brilliant pass that nobody could.

Fabregas scored and everything was done, but this goal will be placed in history of football, as Brilliant pass of the king of football, Lionel Messi.

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Now everybody says that Lionel Messi – this is the footballer of world class, and he is the best in the world. After yesterday match, where Barcelona became Champions league winner 2011, Messi become the best footballer of Champions League 2011… Barcelona defeated Manchester united with their Rooney

So what is the Picture of sitution? Messi won against Fabregas, Messi won against Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi won against Rooney, Messi won against Everybody…

His strike which was Undefeated, and Edwin Van der Saar couldn’t caught it. So Messi won Champions League again, and dear Mr.Pele, please don’t say anything about this.

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Messi against Germany

Leonel Messi

Leonel Messi

This picture of Leonel Messi is from World Cup 2010.There in 1/4 finals Argentina will play against Germany.We are waiting for Messi`s Game against Europe Giants.Germany is well played team,but if Messi makes his game,nobody will stop him.Maradona and Messi are the best duet on the 2010 world cup.So lets wait for this match.

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Leonel messi

leonel messi

Some people calls him Mesiah,Some calls him Leonel messi and it is not correct.This man has Great name and it is Lionel Messi.And who thinks that Leonel Messi is correct,he makes big mistake.His another popular name is Leo Messi and that can be right in some situations.So Please Call him not Leonel messi,not Leo Messi, Just Goldenboy.He made so perfect season in 2008 that we can call it Messi 2008.And here is our first video on youtube.

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