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Arsenal Australia – Arsenal Australia


Do you think of yourself as one of the biggest Arsenal fans in Australia? Just how far has your passion for the team gone? Do you watch all of their games, know all of their songs, have membership in their Supporters Club?

Risking Money To Show Your Support?

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I love sports and exactly Football (Soccer). I`m proud that I`m fan of Leo Messi, from the first years of his carer. He is really genius and powerful player in the history of fooball.

But this article is not all about this. As football lover, I`m often playing football games, like Konami Pes, FIFA and so on. I`m really good player and gamer in football simulators. But in some weeks ago, i just found very well known flash simulator of football and want to tell you about this.

Sports Heads is a type of sport simulator as i understand and it is really cool. When i first saw this game, it was really too easy and nothing special, but as soon as i started it, game became too addictive. I played whole day this games. Firstly, played sports heads football championship, then european version, then basketball and tennis. They are too cool for not to play.

So, If you see there are some version where you can play with Leo Messi, and he is really best player also there. Messi has great skills and speed, so you just need to improve it little bit and everything will be ok.

I want to say thanks to creators of this game, coz, i appreciate what they did and are doing. As i saw information on their website, Sports Heads are going to make new version of football game and hope this one will come sooner rather than later. Good Luck Sports Heads Lovers!

Oh, also i want to wish everything best and good health to our star, Leo!

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Barcelona tickets allow you transcend the mediocre spectacle of watching your own humble team and permit you to watch a display of pure footballing artistry. It would be perfectly fair to describe the way Barcelona play as an art form: they are a set of players working in perfect unison, who dazzle the opposition with sheer ability and relentless movement. Some may doubt whether football could be classed as art, but a trip to the Nou Camp could alter their view.
Once in a generation a team like Barcelona come along to spellbind us with their unique talents, both individually and collectively. We have all been made aware of Barcelona’s pass and move team ethic but to play in this manner requires absolute comfort on the ball. Nobody is more comfortable on the ball than the imperious Lionel Messi, who shimmies, dribbles and drives through even the best defences. Messi is in more general terms, one if the great sportsmen of our times and Barcelona tickets will entitle you to see a living legend at the peak of his game. To see Messi is comparable to having seen Pele, Ali, Senna or any of the great sports stars.
Barcelona are far from a one man team, and the craft and skill of Xavi and Iniesta is something to behold. They are the heartbeat of Barca’s midfield and are one of the main reasons Barcelona have possession levels upwards of 70%. The opposition simply can’t get the ball back and are passed into submission. Barcelona tickets entitle you to watch a pass and move circus of football. According to a number of top football betting sites such as Coral and to football experts around the world, Barcelona are usually favourites to pick when betting on any of their upcoming fixtures. Whereas Messi to score a goal is always popular with the bookies during league season and football tournaments.
To see any sport played to its very highest level is a privilege and Barcelona are, without doubt, the current best team in the world. Once every twenty years or so, a truly great team comes along and Barcelona are certainly that team. Barcelona tickets entitle you to sit at one of the most historic stadiums in world football watching one of the best sides that ever lived. A rare and achievable privilege for any sports fan.

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Poker Scores a Goal

Jan Sorensen

Jan Sorensen

Interestingly enough, Manchester City once made a £30 million bid for Messi by mistake. This happened around 2009, when Sheik Mansour completed his £210 million takeover of the club, thus the rumored offer to Barcelona. It was apparently a miscommunication between both parties during a phone conversation, “…it’s all getting messy” somehow translated into “Let’s get Messi.” The offer was rejected, obviously. Bids and bets are part of the game, on and off the pitch, for players and fans of football. This just goes to show that football is a highly competitive sport. So it’s no surprise that there are professional football players who decided they wanted to play cards. This is when their careers as professional football players waned and waxed into a new career, turning them into full time poker pros. You can’t deny the adrenaline rush these football players get as they score a goal and it’s exactly the same as hitting the jackpot on the poker tables. Let’s take a look at some of the football players who ventured into the world of poker:

We all know former {Manchester United}, Tottenham and England striker Teddy Sheringham, and how he has made a successful career out of poker. He started playing poker during the latter years of his football career and became full time after retiring. He placed a very impressive 14th in the {World Series of Poker} Europe Main Event in 2009. After that, he kept cashing in on the good stuff, and was considered a force to be reckoned with. Teddy Sheringham has accumulated over $298,000 in tournaments. Those who’d like to try their hands at poker can start by playing at online casinos like []. Try your luck at thrilling casino games such as blackjack and roulette, slots, and many more. You’ll find all the information you need to start playing on the site, all you have to do is click on the get started link.

Meanwhile, the most successful football pro turned professional poker star story goes to Odense BK’s Jan Vang Sørensen. His phenomenal success as a poker superstar is the best among the other football players venturing into the world of poker. He won his first World Series of Poker bracelet in 2002 at WSOP’s $2,500 Limit Omaha Event acquiring $185,000 in cash prizes. Sørensen won his second WSOP bracelet during a $5,000 Limit Seven Card Stud Event. After joining many poker tournaments, he then won the 2008 Master Classics of Poker Main Event. To date he has won over $2 million from poker tournaments. Messi fans who are also into poker can grab the Lionel Messi playing cards poker set available online. Who knows you might be the next lucky football fan out there.

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Messi Record

Messi Record

Yes, He did it. Leo Messi broke Gerrd Muller record and scored 86 goals.

Yesterday, injured Messi played the great first minutes against Betis and scored double goals. After this nobody doubts about the superiority of Leo Messi.

We are watching in live the Legend of all the football history, and this is the awesome fact.

Here, watch all the 86 goals scored by LEO MESSI

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How To Choose Your Fans

Messi fans are huge football fans, no doubt about it. So what does an article about how to choose an online casino have to do with a site dedicated to Messi and his passion for the sport king? As stated before, sports are directly connected to sports bets, and bets go hand in hand with bingo or casino venues. Online and offline facilities altogether have managed to attract the interest of a great deal of people all around the globe there are plenty of such facilities that are currently offering members the chance to place wagers on their favorite sports, with special emphasis on football, while placing casino bets. All for real money. And featuring some extraordinary bonuses and promotions – we are talking about the online types of venues now. So we decided to help you better understand the mechanism of selecting the best inspired online casino in hopes you will make the most of it.


Take Baby Steps Towards Success

Start by thinking hard at the type of casino games you would like to play most. With more than three thousand venues to make your pick from, you should have no problem discovering just the ideal one. If you enjoy poker in particular, focus on some poker-oriented casinos. If the game of slots or Australian pokies is more on your taste, go ahead and choose such a place. If you enjoy playing various table or card game or even roulette, Asian, specialty, or bingo games altogether, pick a versatile casino that can provide you with all of these.


Technical And Customer Support Details And

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Thiago Messi

Thiago Messi

Our Starlet Lionel Messi became father yesterday. Leo`s girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, gave birth to the baby boy, Thiago in Barcelona clinic.

Messi wrote on his facebook:

“Today I`m the happiest man in the world! My son was born, and this is happiest moment of my life. Thanks my family for support and help. Thank you God for this great gift!”

I love this boy and know that he can be play great football, as his father does.

I should tell you, that despite this great news, Leo will play against Celta on Saturday.

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Barcelona's Lionel Mess, left, is congratulated by David Villa

Barcelona’s Lionel Mess, left, is congratulated by David Villa

It is start of the season and Leo Messi has already 12 goals in his pocket.

It is unbelievable start from high class player. Lionel scored also 2 goals against Spartak yesterday.

After bad start of match, where Russian side was winning 1-2, Argentinian player helped his team and got 3 points.

It was really dramatic and high class match, where both teams tried to get points. As Barca has the best player in the world, won that match and made happy their fans.

You can watch match highlights in Read more.


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Many had problems with Messi because of his National team carrier. Now he scores more and more goals. Each match with National Team`s shirt is great chance to score more goals for him.

It was very hard game for Argentina against Paraguay yesterday. Leo Messi helped once again his team and scored goal. Messi and Argentina won this game with 3-1 score.

You can see match highlights in Read more.

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Messi and Barcelona are starting great season. They won 5-1 against Real Sociedad yesterday. It was really nice match. After the first goal from Barca, guests made the draw, but Leo Messi answered them with fast goals. He made double and it was very clean and nice job from him.

After the match Messi told that Barca is going to win all the competitions. Our Legend is still on Top Form and is going to Defeat All!!!

We Love Messi!!!!

Please go to the read more to watch the highlights of this match: (more…)

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