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Messi in the new Flash Sport Game


I love sports and exactly Football (Soccer). I`m proud that I`m fan of Leo Messi, from the first years of his carer. He is really genius and powerful player in the history of fooball.

But this article is not all about this. As football lover, I`m often playing football games, like Konami Pes, FIFA and so on. I`m really good player and gamer in football simulators. But in some weeks ago, i just found very well known flash simulator of football and want to tell you about this.

Sports Heads is a type of sport simulator as i understand and it is really cool. When i first saw this game, it was really too easy and nothing special, but as soon as i started it, game became too addictive. I played whole day this games. Firstly, played sports heads football championship, then european version, then basketball and tennis. They are too cool for not to play.

So, If you see there are some version where you can play with Leo Messi, and he is really best player also there. Messi has great skills and speed, so you just need to improve it little bit and everything will be ok.

I want to say thanks to creators of this game, coz, i appreciate what they did and are doing. As i saw information on their website, Sports Heads are going to make new version of football game and hope this one will come sooner rather than later. Good Luck Sports Heads Lovers!

Oh, also i want to wish everything best and good health to our star, Leo!



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