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Barcelona: best team in the world – players and tactics

Barcelona tickets allow you transcend the mediocre spectacle of watching your own humble team and permit you to watch a display of pure footballing artistry. It would be perfectly fair to describe the way Barcelona play as an art form: they are a set of players working in perfect unison, who dazzle the opposition with sheer ability and relentless movement. Some may doubt whether football could be classed as art, but a trip to the Nou Camp could alter their view.
Once in a generation a team like Barcelona come along to spellbind us with their unique talents, both individually and collectively. We have all been made aware of Barcelona’s pass and move team ethic but to play in this manner requires absolute comfort on the ball. Nobody is more comfortable on the ball than the imperious Lionel Messi, who shimmies, dribbles and drives through even the best defences. Messi is in more general terms, one if the great sportsmen of our times and Barcelona tickets will entitle you to see a living legend at the peak of his game. To see Messi is comparable to having seen Pele, Ali, Senna or any of the great sports stars.
Barcelona are far from a one man team, and the craft and skill of Xavi and Iniesta is something to behold. They are the heartbeat of Barca’s midfield and are one of the main reasons Barcelona have possession levels upwards of 70%. The opposition simply can’t get the ball back and are passed into submission. Barcelona tickets entitle you to watch a pass and move circus of football. According to a number of top football betting sites such as Coral and to football experts around the world, Barcelona are usually favourites to pick when betting on any of their upcoming fixtures. Whereas Messi to score a goal is always popular with the bookies during league season and football tournaments.
To see any sport played to its very highest level is a privilege and Barcelona are, without doubt, the current best team in the world. Once every twenty years or so, a truly great team comes along and Barcelona are certainly that team. Barcelona tickets entitle you to sit at one of the most historic stadiums in world football watching one of the best sides that ever lived. A rare and achievable privilege for any sports fan.



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