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Footballers & The Casino

Links between the worlds of football and gambling have been consistently made over the last few years, with many major personalities admitting that they have a taste for the casino. Some have even gone down the dark road of gambling addiction, and incurred the debts to prove it. Mike Ashley, for example, chairman of Newcastle United, is reported to have bet £480,000 in a single day at the Fifty London Casino, Mayfair.

The question is, of course, can his behaviour really be criticised? Footballers and other professional athletes can certainly afford to take certain risks with their money – they have enough of it! Ashley has been ranked in Britain’s 100 richest men, with a personal fortune once estimated at £1.9 billion. When he purchased Newcastle United, he did so for a whopping £135 million, a huge amount for the average Joe yet just a small setback in Ashley’s finances.

So what’s Mike Ashley’s story? What is it that draws him to the gambling world? Like many individuals involved in the world of professional football and other sports, he probably enjoys the adrenaline rush one gets from taking a big risk. He may also believe that luck is on his side – the number 17 is said to be lucky for Ashley, and he is often spotted wearing a Newcastle United shirt sporting that number. He also used the number 17 when playing roulette once, employing a strategy known as “complete” – where you place different amounts of money on every single number on the roulette wheel,  favouring one chosen number in particular. And what happened? Ashley eventually won!

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