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From Virtual Sports to the Field

We’re all about gathering the very best tips about playing optimum soccer and football. These are the hard facts, the physical reality, with the sod under your cleats. But that’s not the only way to learn faster and better.


There is bodily learning, and, there is a more psychological type of learning. Top coaches want players to have both. Why do you think that high-school coaches take videos of practices and games to show players? That’s a kind of beneficial biofeedback .


Virtual Pain

One thing all athletes around the world have in common aside from demanding practice sessions and games, is avid interest in sports generally. You can bet they all watch plenty of matches, and even watch classic events over and over. They do it to learn technique, sure, but that’s not all.

When watching sports — and this goes for stadium, television or even Web-casts and sports websites — we all get involved. Emotions rise. We feel empathy toward players who are suffering or valorous. We identify, and, stiffer our own resolve as players.

All of this happens when just watching sports. There are ways we want to share with you now for extending your play time into something to improve your own game on the field.


Smart Entertainment-Learning

We want to suggest that since you’re watching your favourite sports events on the tube, and probably watching other television or Internet programming as well, you had better harness all that time and energy.

Harness that time and feed it as psychological learning into your actual soccer and football game!

  • First, limit or give up pure entertainment stuff like reality shows (unless they’re about real sports!), game shows, gossipy shows and so on. Think of all that time that could be used to make you a better baller.
  • Next, treat your game-watching as study time as well as fun time. Get out paper and pen rather than a keg. Take notes on the game.
  • Also, (and these are just examples of ways to learn more), start renting or downloading the greatest games in history. Know your sport. You should also watch and re-watch any footage you have of yourself playing.
  • Finally — and this may seem a bit outlandish — play more sports videogames. This might be better than watching live games. It involves your brain and your nerves, motor skills. The content in sports titles may even provide valuable visual cues for better technique drawing from what each viewer has already learned.

You don’t have to be limited to console video games. In case you don’t know already, the mobile games for your smart phone rival consoles. Many are free apps to download, or they can be played in a Web browser. They’re handy to take along during the day so you don’t miss opportunities to think about playing!


The Best Sports Intel

Where do you think that the best sports stats and live coverage is? Hint: it’s not on television or cable, which have limited schedules.

Who do you think has the most at stake when watching sports? Right, it’s the people who bet on sports. Therefore, you see, sports sites that handle wagers often have the very best real-time match results and in-game coverage.

And where do you think that some of the best sport-bet action can be found? Very often the best online sport entertainment is accessible through Web casinos. Many of them are part of a group of sites, like 888Sport, or they are just so huge that they offer sports along with casino, like BetVictor.

TIP: Check with for the most trusted sites that will help you learn from live sports.




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