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Messi and Barcelona Broke all records and Made impact win against Porto on Europe Super Cup Match. This was fantastic match, where only one team played football and this was Fc Barcelona.

Messi and his teammates ruined Porto and played as say wanted. Barca Deserved more goals, but last score was only 2:0. First goal was scored by Leo Messi, and second was just the perfect play of Argentinian. He made such effort with his brilliant pass that nobody could.

Fabregas scored and everything was done, but this goal will be placed in history of football, as Brilliant pass of the king of football, Lionel Messi.

You can watch match highlights in read more. (more…)

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Football has been considered as one of the most popular sports. It has even reached a point where it cannot just be achieved by any other sport quite easily. As a matter of fact, this is one game that is played by many countries, and has come up with a total of 209 football federations. Also, the game holds the record for the highest audience number in a single match. Quite amazingly, this is also a sport that has been loved by youngsters and adults alike.


Hot Top 5

Cesc Fabregas takes the spot at number 5. He plays for Spain. He serves as an attacking midfielder who is known as one having a perfect mustache and beard on his face. He also has the right cuts at the right places in his body, making him among the 5 hottest players of football. He has been rumoured to transfer to the English Football Manchester United, but there has been no confirmation yet.

David Villa is another Spanish football player who made it to the list. Even with the age of 31, he still looks like 24. He is known for his accuracy and speed in the field. He already left Barcelona and moved to Atletico Madrid team.

Ricardo Kaka plays for AC Milan who played even before joining the team Real Madrid. He then left the The Vikings, a Spanish club, in order to rejoin AC Milan. Currently he is married to his childhood girlfriend. This identity has also pushed him to the 3rd position in the rankings of football’s hottest players.


Top Two

David Beckham is known as the player who is tied up with fashion and glamour. Because of his fame, some fans even have to break security just to see him. Because of this, he has been successful in both in the Fashion and Football Field.

There is no doubt that football’s hottest player of 2013 is Cristiano Ronaldo. Aside from being famous in football, he also happens to be a fashion icon. As a matter of fact, many girls have become desperate to date him. He is known to follow a strict diet plan.

These days, there are several applications that serve the purpose of tracking down football’s hottest. They abound in the virtual world, just like the existence of different Lottery Planet Online Lottery sites. The purpose of these applications is to provide fun and entertainment to fanatics and gamers alike.

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Leo Messi

Leo Messi

Real Madrid and Barcelona faced each other in Spanish Super Cup matches. As we know there are two matches for this title and Barcelona destroyed Real in this battle.

Last El-Classico was just a perfect match. Real Madrid as we expected show really quality game, but at last, they did as they did in past games.

Messi showed who is superior and the best. He made such impact that nobody could save guests. Argentinian Scored Two great goals and one assist pass. He won this match. He is king of the football. Real Madrid defend line tried to stop him, but Leo was unstoppable.

Remember: Messi never stops, Messi just destroys all enemies!!! you can watch match highlights in read more. (more…)

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Messi and his Girlfriend

Messi and his Girlfriend

As Barcelona gave Leo Messi holidays after Copa America, Argentinian footballer went on Ibiza with his girlfriend Antonella for some rest. Antonella is also from Rosario, she lives there. The couple met last December, when Leo had winter holidays. After this they realized that love each other. In read more You can see some Pictures of Antonella . (more…)

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