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Top 3 of Joey Barton’s intellectual quotes

In 2014, in the UK, the football top player Joey Barton went head to head with the journalist Piers Morgan during the TV program BBC Question Time.

The debate around Joey Barton began from a couple of Twitter lines he had published some time before. From his lines it seemed that most followers didn’t understand the true meaning of his words.   

This fact made of him a fully misunderstood football player. And possibly the social medias contributed to build a viral image of him in this sense.

List of Joey Barton’s best lines

1. “I will gladly go to jail in the name of free speech”.

This sentence provoked political debates about democracy and concept of freedom in the UK.

2. “I actually despise the whole of that firm, mentally deficient, turn up at the opening of an envelope”.

This sentence opened a hard debate about the TV shows quality today, too much permeated by capitalism and egoism.

3. “England did nothing in that World Cup, so why were they bringing books out?”.

Joey Barton means to say that sport fans have full right to enjoy a decent football team.

Intellectualism in sport

The fact that Joey Barton’s words have been misunderstood shows not only the lack of comprehension by most football fans, but also the lack of education among the most paid football players.

Actually, what do people expect from a football player? Most fans expect to see a goof football performance and to hear a simple, plain and boring interview after that match. This is what most people expect because since many decades the average education level of most players is really low.

It’s obvious that football players who haven’t received a decent education can tell anything intellectual! This explains why Joey Barton is so misunderstood.

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