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About soccer, people show to have very contrasting attitudes. Either you love or hate soccer. Halfway attitudes are usually very rare.

People who hate soccer

Probably, as many soccer supporters think it’s weird or nonsense to hate soccer, but the truth is that for many people watching 11 men running after a ball is pretty ridiculous.

Another reason to hate soccer is related to the gossip that goes around players, coaches and their private life. And what about the stellar earnings players get from each contract? It’s too much money for a sport and this make people take distance from such a sport.

People who love soccer     A soccer match

On the opposite side, there are also many people who literally are crazy about soccer. They love this sport because of the thrills and, in some cases, because of the many opportunities of placing sport bets.

For many soccer supporters, going to the stadium to see a soccer match means to feel like protagonists, in some way, of the match itself. It’s like feeling part of the team and feeling the match more close.

Soccer is also a team sport, that is a sport that people like to play because of the social aspect: playing in a team means to have a role and to play it in full respect of the other members’ roles.

Players who “migrate”

Half a century ago, soccer players used to appear on the scene and stay for all their career in the same team. So, they were literally part of it, they were the “team” itself. People used to think about a certain player as a member of that particular team and no one else.

This sense of belonging to a specific team was really strong and featured the whole character of the team.

Today, things are very different. We have soccer players who “migrate” from a team to the next one in the course of a season and they use to sing more contracts in a year.

Consequences of the current soccer market

This causes a sort of continuous movement in the soccer market, with players leaving a team and flying to meet the new one every month. This is also the general reason for soccer players to feel sometimes frustrated with their work. They often can’t go along with their new team mates and wait for the following contract to leave the team and, without any doubt, this leads them not to put the right effort in their work.

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On new Champions League season 10/11 Messi started well.He scored two goals against Panathinaikos.I show you video clip of these goals.


Yesterday was not Messi`s and Barcelona`s day.They lost their match against Hercules on Camp Nou.But there was little star Messi.At the beginning of the match he made good skill against Drenthe.So watch it

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Messi vs Spain

Messi agains Spain

Messi agains Spain

Friendly match between Argentina and Spain finished with victory of South Americans. Lionel Messi scored first goal.he made great effort in this match.He just played fantastic,and said that it is big sense when score against World Champions and became winner.Spain did not play well.Messi was true hero for his team and there is his big help for scoring four goals. The score was 4-1… in Read more you can see whole goals of this match.


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