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Leonel messi

leonel messi

Some people calls him Mesiah,Some calls him Leonel messi and it is not correct.This man has Great name and it is Lionel Messi.And who thinks that Leonel Messi is correct,he makes big mistake.His another popular name is Leo Messi and that can be right in some situations.So Please Call him not Leonel messi,not Leo Messi, Just Goldenboy.He made so perfect season in 2008 that we can call it Messi 2008.And here is our first video on youtube.



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  • noa · May 22, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    In spain and spanish countries, he is known as LEO Messi.
    I have yet to hear him be called Lionel during a Barca game..

    its an english thing I believe. just like Crissy is called Ronaldo by the english when the spanish call him Cristiano (there is only one Ronaldo)….

    Lionel is his name but Robert is the name of both Charlton and Robson yet they were known as Bobby.

    Get with the program.

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